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Delaware alcohol rehab helpline

Overcoming alcohol abuse and alcoholism in Delaware isn't just a simple task. Often times it starts with the right rehab center to help lay the foundation through successful treatments and therapies. While the core modality among facilities may be similar, the additional services provided, as well as the dedication of their counselors and other professional staff, are what usually set treatment centers apart.

How do you know if someone is in need of help for alcohol abuse? Some common signs and symptoms may include drinking alone, having five or more drinks per occasion, drinking every day and/or throughout the day, getting the shakes when not consuming alcohol, frequently drinking to affect mood, drinking alcohol to not deal with problems, or a number of other things.

More serious alcoholics display more symptoms and can have seizures or severe liver problems such as cirrhosis, jaundice (skin turns yellow) or liver disease. Heavy alcohol consumption of a long period of time often requires a medical detox to prevent seizures during the withdrawal period. We can help you find qualified, caring and experienced alcohol treatment professionals for someone from Delaware in need of a rehabilitation program.

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Delaware Alcohol Addiction Treatment

help for alcoholism in DEOne of the first steps in getting help in Delaware for alcohol abuse is locating the right rehab facility. Rehab enters that provide necessary detoxification, treatment, counseling and aftercare programs can be hard to come by, as bed availability is also a major issue.

Alcohol is the second most common substance mentioned as the primary reason for treatment admissions in Delaware (behind opiates), with more than 1,700 listed for 2011. Interestingly, the number of rehab admissions for alcohol have decreased over the years. This was the lowest number of alcohol rehab admissions in Delaware since at least 1996 and down by over 1,000 from its peak that year. It is unclear wether the reduction is the result of fewer beds, less people needing help, or some combination of both.

Most of the people in Delaware who receive treatment for alcohol abuse or alcoholism go to an outpatient program, however there is typically a greater chance for success with an inpatient rehab facility. We specialize in helping people in Delaware locate residential rehabilitation centers for alcohol or other drug addiction.

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